P. V. Radhadevi

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This paper gives an assessment of the mapping potential of high-resolution Indian remote sensing satellites Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2. The satellites are equipped with in-track stereo mapping capability; Cartosat-1 has two fixed panchromatic cameras and Cartosat-2 has a single panchromatic camera and body steering capability for along-track stereo(More)
The research in the literature on the design of image security by using Arithmetic Coding and Advanced Encryption Standard. Arithmetic Coding offers extremely high coding efficiency and it provides little or no security as traditionally implemented. We present a modified scheme that offers both security and compression of images. The system utilizes an(More)
Cartosat-1 provides stereo images of spatial resolution 2.5m with high fidelity of geometry. Stereo camera on the spacecraft has look angles of +26 degree and -5 degree respectively that yields effective along track stereo. Any DSM generation algorithm can use the stereo images for accurate 3D reconstruction and measurement of ground. Dense match points and(More)
SPOT-5 and Cartosat-1 are mapping satellites with high resolution and along-track stereo capability. This paper describes the work carried out towards the qualitative and quantitative comparison of the Digital Elevation Models (DEM) derived from stereo pairs of SPOT-5(HRS1 and HRS-2) and Cartosat-1(Fore and Aft) over the test site located in Bavaria,(More)
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