P. V. Praveen Sundar

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The main objective of educational institutions is to provide high quality of education. Providing a high quality of education depends on predicting the unmotivated students before they entering in to final examination. In this paper, we compare the Bayesian network classifiers for predicting the student's academic performance and generates a Model. This(More)
An automatic web record extraction extracts a set of objects from heterogeneous web pages based on similarity measure among objects in an automated fashion. This classifies a region in the web page according to similar data object which emerge frequently in it. This involves transformation of unstructured data into structured data that can be stored and(More)
The online learning gains more popularity in recent days; its key success is delivering content over internet and can be accessed by students from anywhere and anytime. In general, attraction is the quality of arousing interest. Similarly, motivation is the other hand to support for learning. Since, the online learning has less control over students(More)
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