P. V. Pogrebnoi

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A method is offered for isolation of subcellular fractions from small intestinal smooth muscle cells enriched by plasma membranes (PM). The method is based on differential centrifugation over sucrose density gradient. According to the localization of marker enzymes, the membrane fraction obtained with the use of 30% sucrose is considered to be optimal. The(More)
The investigation of the cancer-associated structural and epigenetic changes in cell genome is a major approach for understanding mechanisms of cancerogenesis. To investigate these genome changes, novel technique of microarrays comprising NotI-linking genome clones was developed. Twenty eight samples from patients with cervical cancer were analyzed using(More)
Plasma membranes of rabbit intestinal smooth muscle cells manifest low surface activity on the boundary of the electrolyte-air phases. This activity undergoes essential changes if the electrolyte surface is covered with the lecithin monolayer. According to the experimental data, the interaction of plasma membranes with the lecithin monolayers is hydrophobic(More)
A method is described for reconstruction of certain sarcolemma characteristics of smooth muscle cells in the small intestine of a rabbit on the planar lipid membranes (PLM). The method is based on the use of fusogenic properties of certain lipid preparations. The ultrasound dispergates of azolectin and egg lecithin in combined incubation with sarcolemma(More)
The plasma membrane (PM) of the smooth muscle cell has recently attracted the closest attention of research workers because of the view that it plays an essential role in regulating the intracellualr concentration of ionized Ca ++ [i]. Definite progress in this direction has been achieved by the study of functioning of membrane structures of the myometrium(More)
Binding of the f i -adrenoreceptor (BAR) agonist isoproterenol with the plasma membranes was cha rac te r ized by a fall in both entropy (AS = -104.2~-8.2 J / m o l e ' ~ and enthalpy (AH = -71 .0~1 .2 kJ/mole) . The negative change of the enthalpy of this p roces s indicates binding of isoproterenol with specific receptor binding sites. This direct ion of(More)
The initial stage of interaction of beta-adrenomimetics and beta-adrenoblockers with specific membrane binding sites is characterized by different patterns of thermodynamic parameters. Administration of isadrin results in a decrease of entropy and enthalpy, which reflects the primary binding reaction and agonist-specific receptor isomerization to the(More)
Cells of human epidermoid carcinoma A431 were used for obtaining of the cell line constantly expressing TGF-alpha. Recombinant virions were obtained by introducing the proviral DNA into PA317 cells by means of electrotransfection. A protein with the EGF-competing activity was found in a conditioned media of the chosen clone A431/1522-4. The concentration of(More)
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