P. V. Nagarjuna

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In this manuscript stationary wavelet transform based digital image watermarking algorithm is proposed. The proposed algorithm combines the information of low frequency SWT coefficients and the watermark image without any change in the information present in the original image. Key is combination and is used to extract the watermark. The proposed method(More)
Organometal halide perovskites offer dual potential properties as a light harvester and at the same time as a hole conductor in inorganic-organic hybrid heterojunction solar cells. The sequential deposition route provides a power conversion efficiency of 15% under standard AM1.5G test conditions. In this perspective, we will briefly summarize the(More)
Natural product analogs are significant sources for therapeutic agents. To capitalize efficiently on the effective features of naturally occurring substances, a natural product-based library production platform has been devised at Aurigene for drug lead discovery. This approach combines the attractive biological and physicochemical properties of natural(More)
A new low-band gap dyad DPP-Ful, which consists of covalently linked dithiafulvalene-functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole as donor and fullerene (C60 ) as the acceptor, has been designed and synthesized. Organic solar cells were successfully constructed using the DPP-Ful dyad as an active layer. This system has a record power-conversion efficiency (PCE) of(More)
A simple and rapid UV – Spectrophotometric method was developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of Doxylamine succinate and Pyridoxine HCl in combined dosage forms. The said combination is used in treating morning sickness associated with pregnancy. For the simultaneous estimation of both drugs, 260 nm and 285 nm were selected as wavelength of(More)
The design of many adaptive filters constrained with the tradeoff between convergence speed and steady-state meansquare error (MSE), i.e. Fast converging filter produce a large steady-state mean-square deviation (MSD) and slow converging filter produce the small mean square deviation. This limitation is usually independent of the type of adaptive algorithm,(More)
Now-a-days, demand for electric power has shown steady but geographically uneven growth.The wheeling of the available energy through existing long ac lines to load centers has a certain upper limit due to stability considerations. Thermal limit is the major limit to be considered while increasing loadability of existing EHV long transmission lines. Thus,(More)
Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells with fluorine doped tin oxide/titanium dioxide/CH3NH3PbI3-xClx/poly(3-hexylthiophene)/silver were made in air with more than 50% humidity. The best devices showed an open circuit voltage of 640 mV, a short circuit current density of 18.85 mA cm(-2), a fill factor of 0.407 and a power conversion efficiency of(More)
  • K Siva Prasad, N G V Satya Kumar, +5 authors India
  • 2015
Aiming further to reduce its switching losses, an appropriate discontinuous modulation scheme is proposed and studied here in detail to doubly ensure that maxi-mal reduction of commutations is achieved. With an appropriately designed control scheme had incorporated with nine-switch converter is shown to favorably raise the overall power quality and voltage(More)
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