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Structure material plays a vital role in precision machine tools, which are expected to produce the parts within the specified accuracy of shape and dimensions together with the required surface finish. The shape of the work piece depends on the instantaneous relative position of the tool and the work piece and, therefore, of the machine parts which carry(More)
A R T I C L E I N F O Lean Manufacturing, Value stream mapping, Cycle time, Takt time, Cycle efficiency. Received 23 February 2011 Received in revised form 11 March 2011 Accepted 13 March 2011 Available online 23 March 2011 Lean manufacturing is an applied methodology of scientific, objective techniques that cause work tasks in a process to be performed(More)
Conventionally, cast iron is the material used for high speed machine tool structures. As an alternate material to improve the structural properties, composite materials are being used, which are known to exhibit excellent thermal and mechanical properties. While selecting an alternate material, thermal conductivity is an important thermo physical property(More)
With the current state of the global economy, demand for various products plummeting. To sustain in the market, companies have to reduce cost and improve quality. Today, companies have started implementing new philosophies like TQM, TPM, six sigma and lean manufacturing techniques to remain competitive in the market. Lean manufacturing is an emerging(More)
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