P. V. Markov

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Official statistics routinely underestimate mortality from specific microorganisms and deaths are assigned to non-specific syndromes. Here we estimate mortality attributed to specific pathogens by modelling non-specific infant deaths from laboratory reports and codes on death certificates for these pathogens, 1993-2000 in England and Wales using a(More)
This survey was conducted in September 2001 to audit the practice of Consultants in Communicable Disease Control (CsCDC) and to gain a systematic picture of pre-guideline approaches to the control of hepatitis A virus infection in England and Wales. An audit form was distributed to all CsCDC by email and responses were entered in a database and analysed.(More)
100 Effect of the particle sizes on the thermoelectric efficiency of metal substituted LaCo1-xNixFexO3 perovskites and Zn1-xAlxO wurtzite S.G. Harizanova, E.N. Zhecheva, V.D. Valchev, M.G. Khristov, P.V. Markov, R.K. Stoyanova Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bldg. 11, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria(More)
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