P. V. Golubtsov

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Category theory provides a compact method of encoding mathematical structures in a uniform way, thereby enabling the use of general theorems on, for example, equivalence and universal constructions. In this article we develop the method of additional structures on the objects of a monoidal Kleisli category. It is proposed to consider any uniform class of(More)
This study employs a spatially distributed stochastic extension of the classical “fishwar” harvesting game. The model addresses the bioeconomic impact of exploiting a trans-boundary fish stock in a stochastic marine environment subject to natural fluctuations and long-term regime changes. Our goal is to study the evolution of the fishery, either with(More)
This paper develops a category-theoretic approach to uncertainty and decision-making problems. It is based on appropriate rst order fuzzy logic in which not only logical connectives but also quantiiers have fuzzy interpretation. It is shown that all fundamental concepts of probability and statistics such as joint distribution, conditional distribution,(More)
Tuna fisheries around the world are governed by Regional Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs), whose membership includes both harvesting nations and nations in whose waters the targeted fish populations reside. The outcomes of the policies established by an RFMO will depend on subsequent interactions among the fleets, the fishing sites and the RFMO(More)
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