P V Glukhovskiy

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The IsoPrime multicompartment electrolyzer, equipped with a series of isoelectric membranes with closely spaced pI values, was used for the first time for the preparative-scale separation of the enantiomers of dansyl phenylalanine with hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin as resolving agent. The final separation conditions could be established easily in three(More)
Isoelectric focusing has been used to achieve the analytical- and preparative-scale separation of the enantiomers of amphoteric analytes. By considering the simultaneous multiple equilibria involved in the chiral recognition process, a model has been developed to describe the magnitude of the ΔpI value that develops between the enantiomers in the presence(More)
The enantiomers of 40 basic analytes, mostly pharmaceuticals, were separated by nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis in acidic methanol background electrolytes using the sodium salt of heptakis(2,3-dimethyl-6-sulfato)-beta-cyclodextrin (HDMS-beta-CD). The effective mobilities, separation selectivities, and peak resolution values were determined as a(More)
A simple method, based on a modified version of pressure-mediated capillary electrophoresis (PreMCE) has been developed for the determination of the isoelectric points of ampholytes which have closely spaced pKa values. This new pI-determination PreMCE method (i) can be easily executed on most commercial capillary electrophoresis instruments; (ii) it can(More)
A novel approach to continuous, preparative-scale electrophoretic enantiomer separations has been developed based on the observation that stable, equal-but-opposite effective mobilities can be created for the enantiomers of a single-charged analyte by complexing them with a single-isomer, multiply charged resolving agent, provided that the charge of the(More)
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