P.V.D.Somasekhar Rao

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Carbonaceous aerosols cause strong atmospheric heating and large surface cooling that is as important to South Asian climate forcing as greenhouse gases, yet the aerosol sources are poorly understood. Emission inventory models suggest that biofuel burning accounts for 50 to 90% of emissions, whereas the elemental composition of ambient aerosols points to(More)
This paper demonstrates, the effect of dielectric superstrates on the performance of coaxial probe fed circular patch microstrip antenna with and without dielectric superstrates. The antenna can be designed at 2.4 GHz(ISM band) frequency and fabricated on Arlon diclad substrate, whose dielectric constant (is 2.2. The theoretical formulation has been studied(More)
A novel compact Ultra wideband antenna fed by CPW is presented. The antenna has a size of 23 mm × 27 mm. It provides band width ranging from 2.7 GHz to 10.6 GHz. The antenna can be easily integrated with radio frequency circuit for low cost. Details of antenna are presented with parametric study. The bandwidth is varied by varying the intrusion depth(More)
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