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BACKGROUND Papillon-Lefévre syndrome (PLS; OMIM 245000) and Haim-Munk syndromes (HMS; OMIM 245010) are phenotypic variants of the same rare disease caused by mutations of the cathepsin C (CTSC) gene, and they exhibit autosomal recessive inheritance. AIMS To identify diseases caused by mutations of the CTSC gene in two Hungarian patients and to perform(More)
A prospective study was performed in patients (30 M, 16 F, mean age of 56.0 +/- 9.2 [42-73] years) with congestive heart failure to assess the efficacy of lisinopril during a 16 weeks treatment period. Changes in clinical signs, functional capacity, blood pressure, heart rate, echocardiographic parameters, exercise duration, laboratory data and quality of(More)
The authors give a short account about the significance, basic rules in regulation of intracellular (cytosolic) calcium homeostasis, distribution of calcium channels in different organs and characteristics of L channels in cardiovascular system. The different types of calcium channel blockers (dihydropyridines, phenylalkilamines, benzothiazepines), their(More)
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