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The state-of-art computer architecture is based on multi core processor technology. Nowadays processors contain even more than ten cores. On the other hand new technologies have emerged that enable using GPU in general propose computing. Moreover, GPUs have become easier to program, which allows developers to effectively exploit their computational power.(More)
This paper describes the application of ACA (Adaptive Cross Approximation) algorithm for acceleration of MoM solution of large scale radiation problems. System of linear equations is solved using iterative solution and ACA is used to reduce required memory for matrix storage and speed up matrix-vector-product operation. To demonstrate applicability and(More)
The aim of this work is development of robust model suitable for analysis of automobile glass antennas. The model is based on FEM/MOM (Finite Element Method combined with Method of Moments) considerations for effective and accurate solution and reflects the latest improvements and modifications to EMAP5 [l],[2],[3]. Appropriate changes on pre-processing(More)
Numerische Berechnungen sind aus der praktischen EMV-Fahrzeugentwicklung nicht mehr wegzudenken. Sowohl für Konzeptentscheidungen in der Vorentwicklung als auch für Freigabebewertungen in der Serienentwicklung können Berechnungen wichtige Informationen liefern. Im Automobilbereich hat sich die Momentenmethode (MoM) [1] für EMVund Antennenberechnungen(More)
In this paper effective acceleration technique for solving of electrically large EMC problems is described. It is known that for solving of large linear systems iterative solvers are very practical. The main problems for solution of such problems are related to large memory requirement for matrix and poor convergence of iterative solver. For solution of(More)
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