P. Triaire

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This paper gives filtering requirements for an alldigital transmitter and identifies technical and technological challenges. Herein, we highlight trade-offs implied by such a transmitter. This work targets a flexible and low power consumption transmitter, taking into account advantages of submicron CMOS technologies. We focused on a multi-radio transmitter(More)
In this paper, a review of the major evolution steps of mobile transmitter architectures is summarized. We propose a classification and discuss about improvements and evolutions towards the full-digital solutions. This discussion is mandatory while the cognitive-radio concept implies the design of new structures for multi-radio front-ends. Technological(More)
In this paper, we present a bandpass filter designed and implemented in 65-nm CMOS. From 0.8-2.2GHz filtering requirements are very challenging. This filter is dedicated to fully digital RF Tx cellular architectures, and is available for any Tx architecture. Our filter uses highly linear CMOS active inductors that exhibit Q factors above 1000 at cellular(More)
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