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Relations between suicidal behaviours and menstrual cycle have been studied by various authors with different methodologies, from which miscellaneous and contradictory results. We have taken this relation again, about suicide attempts admitted in Dijon's emergency department. Were recorded for each suicidal woman aged 15 to 49 their sociodemographical and(More)
In this study, 30 young men and 30 young women (with the same proportion of anxious persons in each group) were submitted, in random order, to: i) a road traffic noise of 75 dBA for 15 min; ii) this same noise for 15 min, having ingested 0.25 mg of alprazolam (Xanax*) 1 h before; iii) uniquely 0.25 mg of alprazolam. The auditory brainstem evoked potentials(More)
Chronicity in psychopathology is indicative of a term, a decay. Chronicization only leads the way to this term. Here, chronicization is taken literally as an inscription in the time course of delusions. The mechanism of systematization seems to be a central mark in the approach to chronic delusions. It is not an alienation or an irreversible closing but an(More)
Our study is based on a puppet theatre performed with a group of children aged from six to eight who were experiencing a neurotic context. Guignol's playing reveals anguishes and defensive mechanisms as well as, regarding the actors, the ability to experience the comedy with authenticity without forgetting it is imaginary. The puppet theatre has allowed us(More)