P. Toulouse

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The results of the application of classification methods to electromyograph signals of weak contractions in normal and myopathic subjects are described. Methods of pattern recognition, previously presented, allow the selection of representative motor unit action potentials. The analysis is done with ordinal qualitative variables obtained by identification(More)
It is nowadays well known that there are reflex loops starting in the spinal cord, relaying in various supraspinal structures and descending back to the cord. These long-loops regulate motor responses and work in cooperation with segmental mono- and polysynaptic reflexes. The role of certain well-documented long-loop reflexes is reviewed. The existence of(More)
To analyze the factors that influence the conditioning of monosynaptic reflexes by the Jendrassik maneuver, the latter was replaced by a rapid, isolated, reproducible contraction of the wrist extensors; this procedure facilitated reflexes as effectively as the classical Jendrassik maneuver. The results were expressed quantitatively in relation to maximal(More)
This study compares the facilitation of various lower limb reflex arcs brought about by a selective contraction of a well-defined upper limb muscle group in able-bodied healthy subjects. Quantitatively (results expressed as a percentage of maximal motor response), the quadriceps tendon reflex is facilitated more than the soleus and biceps femoris tendon(More)
Recovery after stroke is closely linked to cerebral plasticity. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a non-invasive technique, which allows location of cerebral cells activities. In the present work, a cohort of patients has been studied with MEG. Twelve patients with a recent ischemic or hemorragic stroke were included as soon as possible after onset of stroke.(More)
A new automatic EMG analysis and on-line assignment of MUAP into 8 dynamic cluster algorithm classes (P1......P8) were applied to female relatives of patients with Duchenne type dystrophy. Promising results are given. MUAP amplitude and duration differed significantly in the female relatives compared to the control subjects. MUAP distribution patterns found(More)
A paradox which is not resolved in the use of antidepressants (ATD) is that in pharmacological studies of animal models of depression and in neurochemical studies, the onset of activity of all drugs is extremely rapid, whereas in human clinical practice the onset is delayed (15 days). An attempt is made to explain this in 3 ways, involving the synapse,(More)
This paper describes a prototype framework, named NEUROLAB, dedicated to research and diagnosis in the area of brain disorders. The diagnostic task uses a blending of factual knowledge, formal knowledge, and experiential knowledge. The prototype's first target clinical application is partial seizures in epilepsy. Diagnosis is carried out using qualitative(More)
The real-time and automatic system that we have developed, providing EMG signal acquisition, processing and storage, helps in decision making. This implies the formation of a reference signal set and the accurate determining of the influence of various parameters. Using data analysis methods, our normal population analysis investigates the effects of age,(More)