P Tortori Donati

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Cranial CT and/or MRI examinations were performed in 8 patients affected with mucopolysaccharidosis. Two patients were affected with mucopolysaccharidosis IH,1 had mucopolysaccharidosis IS, 1 had mucopolysaccharidosis IV A and 4 presented mucopolysaccharidosis VI. CT and MRI showed white matter changes consisting of symmetric and diffuse hypodense areas on(More)
We report on a patient affected by congenital muscular dystrophy, severe psychomotor retardation, severe hypotonia, papillar hypoplasia and peculiar NMR pattern of hydrocephalus, Dandy-Walker malformation and leukodystrophy. These findings are intermediate between Walker-Walburg syndrome, Fukuyama disease and Occidental congenital muscular dystrophy. Our(More)
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