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Polarisation of light affords the means to perform robust orientational measurements of single molecules and subwavelength asymmetric scatterers. The precision with which such measurements can be made can be quantified using Fisher information and the Cramér-Rao lower bound. Specifically, a fundamental limit of 0.5/N radians (on average) is found where N is(More)
The authors present theoretical principles of a new ventilatory support continuous flow ventilatory support (CFVS) with multijet insufflation catheter (MIC). Theoretical part of the presented work reasons the need of this type of ventilatory support and explains basic mathematical and physiologic principles of described mechanical ventilation method and(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate short-term (one-to-six months) and mid-term (six-to-forty-eight months) results of aortic valve-sparing procedures. The second endpoint was to compare the results with the group of patients undergoing mechanical aortic valve replacement during the same period. METHODS Between April(More)
Strut fracture, with embolization of the disc occluder, caused the death of a 64-year-old man who had a Beall model 105 heart valve prosthesis in the mitral position for 13 years. Scanning electron microscopy of the fractured surface revealed evidence of a fatigue failure mechanism in the metal wire. The case is unique in that strut fractures affecting this(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical application of continuous flow ventilatory support with multijet insufflation catheter is not mentioned in the literature until now. Despite the use of various forms of ventilatory support, in 10-30% of patients disweaning from mechanical ventilation is unsuccessful even if they fulfil clinical and biochemical criteria. AIM To evaluate(More)
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