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OBJECTIVE To test the plasticity of bilateral motor cortices (M1) in treatment-naïve (de novo) Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and its response to single dose of L-DOPA. METHODS Twenty-one de novo PD patients with only unilateral motor symptoms were recruited to eliminate the effects of advanced disease and chronic treatment and were tested with(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacovigilance aims to uncover and understand harmful side-effects of drugs, termed adverse events (AEs). Although the current process of pharmacovigilance is very systematic, the increasing amount of information available in specialized health-related websites as well as the exponential growth in medical literature presents a unique(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral malaria is a form of human malaria wherein Plasmodium falciparum-infected red blood cells adhere to the blood capillaries in the brain, potentially leading to coma and death. Interactions between parasite and host proteins are important in understanding the pathogenesis of this deadly form of malaria. It is, therefore, necessary to study(More)
UNLABELLED TPX is a web-based PubMed search enhancement tool that enables faster article searching using analysis and exploration features. These features include identification of relevant biomedical concepts from search results with linkouts to source databases, concept based article categorization, concept assisted search and filtering, query refinement.(More)
Though neurofibromatosis type I (NFI) is a fairly common condition, it has a variable expressivity and penetrance. Here we present a series of cases with striking differences in the presentation especially in the oral cavity. NFI, also known as von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis, is an autosomal dominantly inherited neurogenetic disorder affecting(More)
Lymphomas are neoplastic diseases of lymph nodes. Lymphoma of the salivary gland is rare accounting for less than 5% of lymphomas overall. Furthermore, lymphomas arising in the submandibular gland are reported to comprise 916% of all salivary gland lymphomas. Among lymphomas originating from salivary glands, the ratio of follicular lymphoma is very low.(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Color Doppler examination of changes in hepatic venous waveforms is being evaluated as a means of prediction of severity of portal hypertension and presence of esophageal varices. Normal hepatic venous waveform shows a triphasic pattern. In cirrhosis, this pattern changes to a biphasic or monophasic pattern. We aimed to study the sensitivity(More)
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