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Gastric tonometer PCO2 measurement may help identify gut ischemia in critically ill patients but is frequently associated with large measurement errors. We tested the hypothesis that small bowel tonometer PCO2 measurement yields more accurate information. In 10 anesthetized, mechanically ventilated pigs subject to progressive hemorrhage, we measured gut(More)
BACKGROUND: Anal fistulas in patients with Crohn's disease are especially difficult to manage because of nonhealing and incontinence. We reviewed our outcomes for the newer sphincter-preserving techniques of anal fistula plug and fibrin glue compared with standard treatments of advancement flap closure and seton drain insertion. METHODS: This was a(More)
We asked whether crystalloid administration improves tissue oxygen extraction in endotoxicosis. Four groups of anesthetized pigs (n = 8/group) received either normal saline infusion or no saline and either endotoxin or no endotoxin. We measured whole body (WB) and gut oxygen delivery and consumption during hemorrhage to determine the critical oxygen(More)
Crohn's disease (CD) is a complex disorder with important incidence in North America. Perianal fistulas occur in about 20% of patients with CD and are almost always classified as complex fistulas. Conventional treatment options have shown different success rates, yet there are data indicating that these approaches cannot achieve total cure and may not(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical margin status is an important predictor of risk of relapse among patients with rectal cancer. METHODS Patients referred to the British Columbia Cancer Agency for consideration of adjuvant therapy for rectal adenocarcinoma were included. Predictors of margin positivity were determined from uni- and multivariate analysis. RESULTS Among(More)
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