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The locoregional recurrence (LRR) rate after mastectomy is reported to be similar with immediate reconstruction. We aimed to identify characteristics of LRR after transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous (TRAM) reconstruction. We retrospectively reviewed patients undergoing immediate TRAM reconstruction for breast cancer who were diagnosed with LRR. We(More)
Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is increasingly used in the evaluation of breast cancer. The impact of this modality on patient management at a single institution is evaluated in this paper. A retrospective review was performed for 114 breast cancer patients who had breast MRI as part of their diagnostic evaluation. Clinical information, mammograms,(More)
The Stampede 1 supercomputer was a tremendous success as an XSEDE resource, providing more than eight million successful computational simulations and data analysis jobs to more than ten thousand users. In addition, Stampede 1 introduced new technology that began to move users towards many core processors. As Stampede 1 reaches the end of its production(More)
schlechter Apgarwerte im Kollektiv der hypotrophen Fr/ihgeburten zeigt, daf3 bei doppeltem Risiko von Frfihgeburtlichkeit und plazentarer Insuffizienz die Geburt diese Kinder st/irker belastet. Auch die unterschiedlich perinatale Gesamtmortalit~it deutet auf diese Problematik (Tabelle 2). Die Ergebnisse best~itigen die Studien der Literatur sowie eigene(More)
Breast surgery has evolved as a subspecialty of general surgery and requires a working knowledge of benign and malignant diseases, surgical techniques, shared decision-making with patients, collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team, and a basic foundation in surgical ethics. Ethics is defined as the practice of analyzing, evaluating, and promoting best(More)
Current management of an asymptomatic BRCA mutation carrier includes early initiation and intensive cancer screening in combination with risk reduction strategies. The primary objectives of these interventions are earlier detection and cancer prevention to increase quality of life and prolonged survival. Existing recommendations are often based on the(More)
The lifetime risk of breast cancer (BC) in patients with hereditary breast cancer syndromes is as high as 80%. The Pedigree Assessment Tool (PAT) is a scoring system to aid in identifying these patients. This validation study compares the PAT to BRCA gene mutation probability models in predicting suitability for genetic referral. Retrospective review(More)
tion his Apnoe um so ausgepr~gter ist, je excessiver die Patientin w~ihrend der Wehe hyperventiliert. Alle untersuchten Pr~iparate (Dolantin | Dolantin S | Psyquil | Valium | zeigen die Tendenz, die Atmung in der Wehenpause weiterhin zu reduzieren und die Apnoephasen in der Wehenpause zu verl~ngern. Je l~nger das IntervaU zwischen 2 Kontraktionen ist, urn(More)
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