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Oxidative stress, caused by excess reactive oxygen species (ROS), has been hypothesized to cause or exacerbate skeletal muscle wasting in a number of diseases and chronic conditions. ROS, such as hydrogen peroxide, have the potential to affect signal transduction pathways such as the phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase (PI3 K)/Akt pathway that(More)
We present a data-driven method for synthesizing 3D indoor scenes by inserting objects progressively into an initial, possibly, empty scene. Instead of relying on few hundreds of hand-crafted 3D scenes, we take advantage of existing large-scale annotated RGB-D datasets, in particular, the SUN RGB-D database consisting of 10,000+ depth images of real scenes,(More)
The Learning Keyboard is a machine learning system designed to guess what a user is typing solely by observing their hand movements on a keyboard. The system trains on a per-user basis using supervised learning, and generates feature vectors on a per-word basis. We show that on datasets consisting of more than 100 unique words the Learning Keyboard is able(More)
Recently, the process of how ideas and influence propagate through a social network has drawn extensive research efforts. It lies in the core of understanding the diffusion of news, fashions and innovations, it also plays important roles in marketing strategies, virus and pollution control. This reaction paper focuses on: (i) summarization of literatures in(More)
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