P T Simonian

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The purpose of this study was to document the effect of muscle fatigue on glenohumeral kinematics. Twelve male volunteers without shoulder disease and with an average age of 27 years were studied. Glenohumeral anteroposterior radiographs were taken at 45 degrees intervals as the arm was abducted in the plane of the scapula from 0 degree to 135 degrees. This(More)
In an attempt to understand better the contribution of the anteroinferior and posterosuperior popliteomeniscal fasciculi to lateral meniscus stability, we objectively evaluated the stability of the lateral meniscus before and after sequentially sectioning these fasciculi. In the biomechanical model, we attempted to account for the inherent limitations of(More)
This study examined whether a skeletally fixed prefabricated knee hinge can provide the intact or unstable knee with normal motion through a specific arc of motion. Eight cadaveric knee specimens were used. The amount of motion mismatch between knee and hinge motion was evaluated at six different knee flexion angles. With all knee ligaments intact, addition(More)
A clinical and cadaveric example show the EndoButton (Acufex Microsurgical Inc, Mansfield, MA), used for anterior cruciate ligament endoscopic fixation, flipping outside the extensor mechanism or vastus lateralis rather than flipping directly outside the lateral femoral cortex. This pitfall was caused by overdrilling the femoral socket beyond the(More)
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