P. T. Iype

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Cultured rat liver cells induced a strong antibody response in syngeneic rats, directed against foetal calf serum components which were incorporated into the liver cell surface from the cell-culture medium. This antibody could be removed by absorption with liver cells or glutaraldehyde-fixed foetal calf serum. It is possible that the antigenic(More)
The effect of the tumour promoters TPA, phenobarbitone and saccharin on the production of sister-chromatid exchanges (SCE) was studied. TPA produced a small but significant increase of SCE in Chinese hamster cell lines V-79 and CHO, and in a hybrid clone formed by fusion of CHO with rat liver epithelial cells. The enhancement of SCE by TPA was not affected(More)
European Communities, with the aim of evaluating screening tests in chemical car-cinogenesis. The first section contains papers dealing with general strategy and appraisal of current programmes for carcinogenesis screening in U.S.A. and Japan and the methods being used to evaluate short term tests. A word of warning is rightly sounded in this section by(More)
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