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The authors evaluated the adequacy of an extensive adaptation of the American Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, second edition (KABC-II), for 6- to 10-year-old Kannada-speaking children of low socioeconomic status in Bangalore, South India. The adapted KABC-II was administered to 598 children. Subtests showed high reliabilities, the(More)
We describe and apply a judgmental (qualitative) procedure for cognitive test adaptations. The procedure consists of iterations of translating, piloting, and modifying the instrument. We distinguish five types of adaptations for cognitive instruments, based on the underlying source (construct, language, culture, theory, and familiarity, respectively). The(More)
The aim of the study was to explore sources of strength in the process of caregiving from the perspectives of Indian women caring for relatives suffering from cancer. In addition, it aimed at exploring self-reported occurrence of positive moments and personal changes experienced during the care-giving process. Twenty female caregivers participated in two to(More)
Robotic soccer has been an intriguing field of research in artificial intelligence. In this paper we present a novel planning strategy to build a hierarchical intelligence model for two scalable robot teams. This prototype enables the robots to analyze the game states, decide their moves and to take decisions. The system employs the Bayesian-SVM classifier(More)
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