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Use of pipelined ADCs is becoming increasingly popular both as stand alone parts and as embedded functional units in SOC design. They have acceptable resolution and high speed of operation and can be placed in relatively small area. The design is implemented in 0.18uM CMOS process. The design includes a folded cascode op-amp with a unity gain frequency of(More)
A zero voltage and zero current switching full bridge converters with a resonance circuit in the secondary winding is presented analyzed. The primary side of the converter is composed of FB insulated-gate bipolar transistors, which are driven by phase-shift control. The secondary side is composed of a resonant tank and a half-wave rectifier. Without an(More)
With shrinking of Integrated Circuits feature sizes, the separation between the wires decreases which causes the coupling capacitance to increase, which in turn increases the crosstalk between the wires. The on-chip crosstalk causes, power consumption of interconnects and delay to increase. As the complexity of integrated circuits increase, the bus width(More)
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