P. Subramanyam Raju

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These High resolution satellite data with metadata information is used to extract the height of the building using shadow. Proposed approach divides into two phases 1) rooftop and shadow extraction and 2) height estimation. Firstly the rooftop and shadow region were extracted by manual/ automatic methods using Example – Based and Rule – Based approaches.(More)
Spatial analysis is the vital part of GIS. Spatial analysis in GIS involves three types of operations-attribute query (also known as non-spatial), spatial query and generation of new data sets from the original databases. Various spatial analysis methods viz. single/multiplayer operations/overlay; spatial modeling; geometric modeling; point pattern(More)
The handling of spatial data usually involves processes of data acquisition, storage and maintenance, analysis and output. For many years, this has been done using analogue data sources and manual processing The introduction of modern technologies has led to an increased use of computers and information technology in all aspects of spatial data handling.(More)
Conventional methods of surveying and navigation require tedious field and astronomical observations for deriving positional and directional information. Rapid advancement in higher frequency signal transmission and precise clock signals along with advanced satellite technology have led to the development of Global Positioning System (GPS). The outcome of a(More)
A few human beings are effected with various mental disorders like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This paper gives the solution for ADHDs; it is able to solve the social communication of ADHDs with speech control feedback mechanism by assistive based embedded system. The speech information is filtered with three stages of matched filters.(More)
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