P. Subbiah Kannan

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We describe an iterative site-based method for estimating the impulse response of optical wireless channels. The method allows for the simultaneous evaluation of channels for many receiver or transmitter locations, thus providing significantly improved calculation times. A simple geometrical model of indoor environments is presented which includes interior(More)
Non-rigid motion has to sometimes contend with the presence of discontinuous structures when it is estimated under a non-topology preserving deformation. In this paper, we propose an algorithm that estimates large scale non-rigid motion in the presence of these discon-tinuous structures. We have developed a streamline reg-ularization framework that uses(More)
Free space optical communication is widely used for long range of distance operating under weak to strong turbulence conditions. In the existing method, many ideas have been proposed to analyze the performance of FSO links. To mitigate the effect of turbulence, error control codes and spatial diversity are used. This literature survey deals with the BER(More)
Current video and image systems are typically of limited use in poor visibility conditions such as in poor illumination, rain, fog, smoke, and haze. These conditions severely limit the range and effectiveness of imaging systems because of the severe reduction in contrast. The contrast of any image is a very important characteristic which decides the quality(More)
networks need reliable transmission architecture that ensures acceptable recovery of data cells, which are exposed to delays and losses affecting the video quality. The architecture needs to employ an effective encoding for meeting the QoS requirements of high bandwidth demanding applications such as the high fidelity video transmission. This paper applies(More)
Harmonic distortion is one of the important problems associated with power quality and creates several disturbances to power system. To obtain suitable control strategy for harmonic mitigation, the harmonics present in the system is to be estimated accurately. This paper presents algorithms to estimate the harmonics in power systems using genetic algorithm(More)
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