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The present investigation was under taken to study the extent of variability and genetic parameters with 16 parents and 48 hybrids for nine yield and its components and twenty five quality characters. The magnitude of difference between PCV and GCV was relatively low for all the traits, indicating less environmental influence. High GCV and PCV were recorded(More)
The radar signature calculations play an essential role in the design and functioning of today's radars in detecting the surface and air targets. Radar detection is essentially a transient electromagnetic scattering phenomenon and it can be carried out both in time-domain and frequency-domain. However, direct transient analysis, that is in time-domain(More)
Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) has simple and solid construction, low-cost, good reliability at high temperatures, and large torque density. Yet, the higher torque ripple from magnetic saliency is a severe problem. This paper experimentally verifies the performance of a switched reluctance motor, the integrated noise removal filter does not require any(More)
Sacral screw penetration of the anterior sacral cortex runs the risk of injury to neural, vascular, and visceral structures. This study examined the accuracy of the standard anteroposterior (AP) and lateral roentgenographic views as compared to a modified pelvic inlet (MPI) view in determining sacral screw penetration and angulation. Ten human cadaveric(More)
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