P. Subashini

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Segmentation of target is an important step in forming realistic target models. To assist in classifying the relevant literature, two types of segmentation are identified where each type adds its own additional level of uniqueness. The first type is composed of the simplest forms of image analysis through thresholding, the second is characterized by region(More)
Research on ice conditions in the lakes and rivers plays an important role in the study of Climate change and Global warming. Satellite images can improve the possibilities for classification of ice as they cover large areas. Numerous researches have shown classification based on texture features can improve the precision of the interpretation. This paper(More)
The ionosphere is defined as a region of the earth's upper atmosphere where sufficient ionisation can exist to affect the propagation of radio waves. Estimation of missing data of ionosphere total electron content (TEC) are crucial and remain as a challenge for GPS positioning and navigation system , space weather forecast, as well as many other Earth(More)
Mycotoxin contamination in certain agricultural systems have been a serious concern for human and animal health. Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced mostly as secondary metabolites by fungi that grow on seeds and feed in the field, or in storage. The food-borne Mycotoxins likely to be of greatest significance for human health in tropical developing(More)
A new-fangled method for ship wake detection in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images is explored here. Most of the detection procedure applies the Radon transform as its properties outfit more than any other transformation for the detection purpose. But still it holds problems when the transform is applied to an image with a high level of noise. Here this(More)
Image filtering algorithms are applied on images to remove the different types of noise that are either present in the image during capturing or injected in to the image during transmission. Underwater images when captured usually have Gaussian noise, speckle noise and salt and pepper noise. In this work, five different image filtering algorithms are(More)