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V. Guiot, L. Cario, ∗ E. Janod, B. Corraze, V. Ta Phuoc, M. Rozenberg, P. Stoliar, T. Cren, and D. Roditchev Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN), Université de Nantes, CNRS, 2 rue de la Houssinière, BP32229, 44322 Nantes, France GREMAN, CNRS UMR 7347 Université F.Rabelais. UFR Sciences Parc de Grandmont. 37200 ToursFrance Laboratoire de Physique des(More)
1 Hysteresis eects All the I SD-V G plots of our devices were accompanied by hysteresis. Fig. S1 (a) shows the channel current of Sample C as a function of gate voltage V G for V SD = 5 V. An increase in V G to 40 V is accompanied by monotonic increase in I SD from ∼1 nA to ∼100 µA. However, with decreasing V G from 40 V to zero (sequence 6-7-8), the(More)
We study the resistive switching (RS) mechanism as a way to obtain multilevel cell (MLC) memory devices. In an MLC, more than 1 b of information can be stored in each cell. Here, we identify one of the main conceptual difficulties that prevented the implementation of RS-based MLCs. We present a method to overcome these difficulties and to implement a 6-b(More)
  • I. Alposta, D. Rubi, +20 authors Martín de Irigoyen
  • 2012
Resistive switching effects were studied on manganite based devices at room temperature. Thin films of La0.66Ca0.33MnO3 were grown using the pulsed laser deposition technique on top of conductive silicon substrates. Top contacts were deposited either by hand (Ag paint) or by sputtering (Cu). The Mn valence (which is correlated with the oxygen content) was(More)
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