P. Sreekanth

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The performance of the artificial neural network (ANN) model, i.e. standard feed-forward neural network trained with Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm, was examined for forecasting groundwater level at Maheshwaram watershed, Hyderabad, India. The model efficiency and accuracy were measured based on the root mean square error (RMSE) and regression coefficient (R(More)
Shape is an important visual feature and it is one of the basic features used to describe image content. However, shape representation and classification is a difficult task. This paper presents a new boundary based shape representation and classification algorithm based on mathematical morphology. It consists of two steps. Firstly, an input shape is(More)
A series of oxazole and pyrazole derivatives of pongamol (1) were designed and synthesized to examine their anti-cancer activity. The cytotoxicity of these compounds was examined in three different human tumor cell lines, IMR-32, HeLa and Jurkat. Although all compounds tested were quite effective than the pongamol against all the three different types of(More)
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