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Environment-based simulation tools have a signiicant contribution to the simulation of large and complex concurrent and distributed systems. The users do not require sophisticated expertise in the use of complex modeling tools or specialised speciication languages. DSS is a software tool that supports designers in the simulation, analysis and validation of(More)
We study the problem of secure routing in wireless sensor networks where the sensors and the sink can move during the execution of remote monitoring applications and communication is not necessarily directed towards the sink. We present a new routing protocol that builds upon a collection of mechanisms so that the integrity and confidentiality of the(More)
In light of the rise of malicious attacks on the internet and the various networks and applications attached to it, new approaches towards modeling worm activity in networks is called for. One frequently utilized method for W32/Novarg [7], Sober X, Netsky P and Mytob ED [18] propagation exploited by worms is through the victim's contact book. The contact(More)
In this paper, we propose an architecture for the on-demand delivery of multimedia documents over broadband networks using distributed objects. The basic components of our model are the network agents and the presentation agents. Our model preserves flexibility, transparency and modularity and value added opportunity due to the usage of distributed objects.
A brief abstract. In this paper we present a new model for hypermedia presentations. This model is based on an HTML-like language which provides the necessary modules for the intermedia synchronisation of the inline media that comprise the hypermedia document. The model also enables a distributed approach in the storage of the hypermedia documents.(More)
In this paper we attempt to contribute to the integration of the mathematics and the technological developments and demonstrate their interplay in realizing the concept of a Digital Territory. We describe the main mathematical tools that can be exploited in the study of properties that emerge as soon as a population size reaches a certain threshold point,(More)
The concept of trust plays an important role in the operation and public acceptance of today's computing environment. Although it is a difficult concept to formalize and handle, many efforts have been made towards a clear definition of trust and the development of systematic ways for trust management. Our central viewpoint is that trust cannot be defined,(More)
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