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A method for establishing wind speed correlation between neighboring measuring stations is presented in this paper. The aim of this study is to develop a model, in which given the wind speed at a particular site to simulate the wind speed at another, nearby site, in order to estimate the wind power of an area. This method takes into account the evolution of(More)
Failure of flight critical components on-board a helicopter could cause an accident resulting in loss of life and/or aircraft. It is imperative, therefore, that precursors of such failure modes be monitored continuously and remedial action be taken as soon as feasible in order to avoid catastrophic events. A crack in the planetary carrier of a UH-60(More)
Fatigue cracks of considerable length were discovered in two separate main transmissions planetary gear carrier plates of U.S. Army helicopters. These cracks originated at the blend between the gear post and the plate and later diagnosed as low cycle fatigue. Cracks on the planet carrier plate are a very serious but rare type of fault that may require the(More)
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