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CONTEXT Anatomic pathology diagnosis is often based on morphologic features. In recent years, an appropriate increased attention to patient safety has led to an emphasis on improving maintenance of patient identity. Decreasing or eliminating cross-contamination from one specimen to another is an example of a patient identity issue for which process(More)
For high temperature interconnection sintered silver can be used, however, it induces new demands on the thermo-mechanical design. That issue requires knowledge on the thermo-mechanical reliability of silver sintered devices, the subject of this paper. Material characteristics of the sinter layers are needed for simulation, which are addressed in the first(More)
New high temperature interconnection technologies emerge because of the need for electronics use at temperatures beyond 150°C. Transient liquid phase (TLP) soldering is one option with the advantage of processing conditions being close to those for conventional soldering. In the Cu-Sn system addressed in the paper, a high post-processed melting point(More)
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