P Solleder

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A widely accepted approach to evaluate interrater reliability for categorical responses involves the rating of n subjects by at least 2 raters. Frequently, there are only 2 response categories, such as positive or negative diagnosis. The same approach is commonly used to assess the concordant classification by 2 diagnostic methods. Depending on whether one(More)
This paper continues our work on the theory of nonequilibrium voltage noise generated by electric transport processes in membranes. Introducing the membrane voltage as a further variable, a system of kinetic equations linearized in voltage is derived by which generally the time-dependent behaviour of charge-transport processes under varying voltage can be(More)
Within the framework of an open, multicenter study of 16 physicians treated 206 hypertensive patients with a daily dose of 2 x 30 mg to 2 x 90 mg of urapidil over a period of 3 years. Data are available on 182 patients for the entire study period. 24 patients discontinued the study due to adverse effects (n = 2), an inadequate effect (n = 2), or for reasons(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy (lowering diastolic blood pressure to 90 mm Hg or less) of urapidil, a postsynaptic alpha-blocker with central action with that of captopril in a randomized, double-blind, multicenter study. Two hundred ninety-five essential hypertensives (WHO I/II) (140 male, 155 female, age 56-60 years) were treated for 12(More)
As applications of the general theoretical framework of charge transport in biological membranes and related voltage and current noise, a number of model calculations are presented for ion carriers, rigid channels, channels with conformational substates and electrogenic pumps. The results are discussed with special reference to the problem of threshold(More)
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