P. Sojan Lal

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— Software obfuscation or obscuring a software is an approach to defeat the practice of reverse engineering a software for using its functionality illegally in the development of another software. Java applications are more amenable to reverse engineering and re-engineering attacks through methods such as decompilation because Java class files store the(More)
World Wide Web is exploding in terms of the number of web sites and users. Without search engines the web sites will not be visible to the users. Different search engine crawlers behave in different ways while they access a web site. The number of visits and pages crawled by search engines could be helpful in identifying their behavior and also the server(More)
Fingerprint classification is an important part of fingerprint identification system that works on large databases to increase its matching speed. In this paper, an automatic fingerprint classification method is proposed to classify the fingerprint images by combining singular points and Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) features. Co-occurrence(More)
— Array restructuring operations obscure arrays. Our work aims on java source code obfuscation containing arrays. Our main proposal is Classes with restructured array members and obscured member methods for setting, getting array elements and to get the length of arrays. The class method definition codes are obscured through index transformation and(More)