P. Slawinski

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We study the system ẋ = x(y+2z+(15/2η)u), ẏ = y(x−2z−(7/2η2)u), ż = −z(x+y+(4/η2)u), u = x+ y+ z− 1, and its two-parameter perturbations. We show that before perturbation there exists a one-parameter family of periodic solutions obtained via a nondegenarate Hopf bifurcation and after perturbation there remains at most one limit cycle of small amplitude and(More)
Bartlett's test was applied to estimate the precision of the determination method of amino acids using the automatic analyser "Unichrom". The calculations were done on the basis of the results obtained from determinations of the amino acids in 8 different materials of plant and animal origin. No significant differences among standard deviation of 11 amino(More)