P. Skritek

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Data communication via Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) Satellites between portable hydrometeorological measuring stations is the backbone of our system. This networking allows automated event sampling with short time increments also for E. coli field analysis. All activities of the course of the event-sampling can be observed on an internet platform based on a(More)
Because spring water quality from alpine karst aquifers can change very rapidly during event situations, water abstraction management has to be performed in near real-time. Four summer events (2005-2008) at alpine karst springs were investigated in detail in order to evaluate the spectral absorption coefficient at 254 nm (SAC254) as a real-time early(More)
Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEOS) provide world-wide "nomadic" data-communication using low-cost and low-power "cellular like" equipment. LEOS allow us to also exploit those regions, which up to now were inaccessible by land-based wireless or geostationary (GEO) satellite systems. First, this paper compares satellite systems and summarizes features of the(More)
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