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Geocast bring up to the liberation of information to a faction of Destinations in a network determine by their geographical site. In this expose we present a survey on Location Based Routing. The Geocast Routing is also known as Location Based Routing. The Message is delivered to nodes within a geographical region by using “GEOCAST ROUTING PROTOCOLS(More)
Sensors link the physical world with the digital by sensing, capturing and revealing real world phenomena and converting them into a form that can be processed, stored and acted upon. The sensors help to avoid infrastructure failures, increase productivity, protect natural resources, and enhance security. While sensor networks share information with other(More)
In Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs), nodes are capable of frequently changing their location. For effective routing, each and every node is expected to keep track of its moving neighborhood. So whenever the neighbor node changes, all the other nodes should update its routing table to invalidate the paths passing though old neighbors. This prevents the node(More)
In order to achieve data information, the Sensor Node's should form into clusters in wireless sensor network. In Multi-hop sensor network, the Base-Station (sink) is might not be considered. That is why, the hot-spot problem may occur in this network. In this paper, we analyze the sleep&wakeup approach, in order to avoid the hot spot (WLAN) problem,(More)
Several analytical models have been developed to solve the integrated production distribution problems in Supply Chain Management (SCM). In certain multi-stage service supply chain like blood banks, the term 'production' is referred as collection. It is often crucial to consider the inventory and distribution costs for successful decision making in(More)