P. Simon

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To study transmission patterns of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) in persons with AIDS, we evaluated P. carinii isolates from patients in five U.S. cities for variation at two independent genetic loci, the mitochondrial large subunit rRNA and dihydropteroate synthase. Fourteen unique multilocus genotypes were observed in 191 isolates that were examined(More)
BACKGROUND Transplantation of ovarian tissue is, at present, the only clinical option available to restore fertility using cryopreserved ovarian tissue. More than 30 transplantations of cryopreserved tissue have been reported, and six babies have been born, worldwide, following this procedure. Despite these encouraging results, it is essential to optimize(More)
Sponges are probably the earliest branching animals, and their fossil record dates back to the Precambrian. Identifying their skeletal structure and composition is thus a crucial step in improving our understanding of the early evolution of metazoans. Here, we present the discovery of 505-million-year-old chitin, found in exceptionally well preserved Vauxia(More)
The 'deleted in colon carcinoma' (DCC) gene has been considered a candidate tumour-suppressor gene that encodes for a transmembrane protein with strong structural similarity to members of the superfamily of neural cell adhesion molecules. It has been mapped to the chromosomal region 18q21.1 and it is implicated in cellular differentiation and developmental(More)
Among the most exciting recent advances in the field of superconducting quantum circuits is the ability to coherently couple microwave photons in low-loss cavities to quantum electronic conductors. These hybrid quantum systems hold great promise for quantum information-processing applications; even more strikingly, they enable exploration of new physical(More)
Epibenthic organisms are a critical component of the marine environment, functioning as ecosystem engineers, habitat and food for other organisms. Our knowledge of the diversity, complexity and sensitivities of these habitats is limited, particularly at higher latitudes and greater depths. The West Coast of Greenland is the site of a commercially important(More)
OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. (2007) Influence of carbonaceous electrodes on capacitance and breakdown voltage for hybrid capacitor. Abstract This paper presents a new type of capacitor and deals with a hybrid approach where the advantages of two(More)
A new hybrid approach consists to use the advantages of both systems namely the high geometric aspects of the electrodes of the ultracapacitor and the high dielectric strength of polymer materials used in dielectric capacitors. The surface roughness of the electrodes of the ultracapacitor is manufactured with nano-porous materials; activated carbon and(More)
In 1994, seven unusual cases of HIV infection were identified in France (1). These cases occurred in foreign nationals whose specimens had atypical Western blot patterns and weak or no seroreactivity in HIV-1 peptide or recombinant-based enzyme im-munoassays (EIA). In previous cases, such isolates had been loosely grouped as phylogenetic outliers, termed(More)