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OBJECTIVE To estimate, for the first time, overweight prevalence and associated characteristics in a representative sample of prepubertal children in Beirut, Lebanon's capital. DESIGN A cross-sectional study with a home interview including measurements of weight and height and a structured questionnaire. SUBJECTS A total of 234 children aged 6-8 years(More)
BACKGROUND The validation of self-measurement devices for clinical use by elderly patients has been recommended. The Omron HEM-722C device has recently been validated according to the British Hypertension Society (BHS) protocol for use for general populations and the Omron HEM-735C is a new fully automatic device with a high capacity for storage of(More)
The feasibility of self-measurement (SM) of the blood pressure (BP) is well demonstrated in hypertensive patients (pts) but, in elderly pts physical and intellectual limitations can restrict the use of SM. The aim was to evaluate the feasibility of SM as a function of autonomic psychomotricity in pts aged more than 75 years and to estimate the(More)
INTRODUCTION Early-onset neonatal infection remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in neonates. Both universal vaginal screening for group-B streptococcus (GBS) and intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis have decreased the incidence of early-onset GBS disease. Almost 12 years after the implementation of the French recommendations, we assessed the(More)
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