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The deep femoral artery is frequently incorporated in vascular reconstructive procedures in the proximal leg. To study the branching variations of this artery, we dissected 100 legs and then classified the anatomical patterns. The deep femoral artery originates a median distance of 4.4 cm from the inguinal ligament. The origin of the lateral circumflex(More)
The varied blood supply of the colon and rectum has been described. It may be stated that the efficiency of any surgeon's hand is primarily dependent on the knowledge that guides it. Significant anatomic facts are described herein. An important blood supply to the terminal ileum comes from the generally unknown ileal artery, which, when absent, creates a(More)
This is the report of a patient with gangrene of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the scrotum and base of the penis secondary to diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon. Due to high mortality in such patients, the early, rapid, and radical debridement of all devitalized tissues and prompt recognition of the source of sepsis is of utmost importance. Computed(More)
Prostatomy is a technique that may be utilized during radical prostatectomy and bowel substitution for end stage bladder disease to preserve the urethral segment, thereby facilitating subsequent anastomosis. Although it is not applicable to all stages of prostate cancer, the technique involves a progressive longitudinal incision in the anterior prostate(More)
Clinical correlations have been made with the applied anatomy of the infradiphragmatic urethra. The entire urethra was removed en bloc and the infradiaphragmatic urethra was carefully dissected with metallic sounds in situ. The urethra immediately distal to the urogenital diaphragm is devoid of any corporal tissue anteriorly and constitutes the 'bare area'(More)