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This work describes a method that passively assesses basic walker-assisted gait characteristic, including heel strikes, toe-off events, as well as stride time, double support and right & left single support phases using only force-moment measurements from the walker's handles. The passively derived gait characteristics were validated against motion capture(More)
In this study novel concept of osmotically controlled drug delivery system in the form of three layered sandwiched tablet (SOT) was introduced. The tablets were prepared and optimized by design of experiment method. Metoprolol succinate, an antihypertensive agent, was selected model drug. Modified Ishikawa diagram was used to understand critical parameters(More)
The cubic Klein-Gordon equation is a simple but non-trivial partial differential equation whose numerical solution has the main building blocks required for the solution of many other partial differential equations. In this study, the library 2DE-COMP&FFT is used in a Fourier spectral scheme to solve the Klein-Gordon equation and strong scaling of the code(More)
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