P. Sharma

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Encoding protein 3D structures into 1D string using short structural prototypes or structural alphabets opens a new front for structure comparison and analysis. Using the well-documented 16 motifs of Protein Blocks (PBs) as structural alphabet, we have developed a methodology to compare protein structures that are encoded as sequences of PBs by aligning(More)
Accountability is emerging as an important theme within the regulatory privacy community. For global corporations, demonstrating accountability is no easy task due to the potentially large number of projects that have privacy sensitive aspects, privacy oversight being a mostly manual process and privacy staff typically being small. So how can a company(More)
The human population is increasing at an alarming rate, whereas heavy metals (HMs) pollution is mounting serious environmental problem, which could lead to serious concern about the future sufficiency of global food production. Some HMs such as Mn, Cu, and Fe, at lower concentration serves as an essential vital component of plant cell as they are crucial in(More)
Reliability of data in energy-constrained sensor networks is limited due to low powered transmissions. Improvement in transmission reliability through channel-state based scheduling is proposed. In a cluster, a time-shared channel between sensor nodes to the cluster head is considered in a Rayleigh fading environment. A 2-state Markov model is presented to(More)
This study presents the development and implementation of a novel framework for optimal design of new and emerging renewable energy production systems by considering an iterative strategy which integrates the Net Present Value optimization along with detailed mechanistic modeling, simulation, and process optimization which yields optimal capacity plan, and(More)
Determining the global state of distributed systems is an important problem in the absence of global memory and global clocks. Several algorithms have been proposed for collecting global states in mobile distributed systms. The new algorithm uses a different approach to represent the dependencies of each process during the communication between the two(More)