P. Selvaraj

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This paper covers the status on present manufacturing and assembly techniques and trends in new manufacturing technologies for the development of future combat aircraft. Aircraft building involves lot of challenges right from a detail component stage to the sub-assembly and assembly stage because of the complexity involved in the design and manufacturing of(More)
Signature verification is done by using neural network to improve accuracy by reducing False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate(FRR). The two types of signature verification are online and offline signature verification. In this project offline signature verification is used in which signature is acquired using camera. Signature is checked by a(More)
In the title compound, [Cu2(C19H31N4O)(OH)(NCS)2], the mol-ecular structure of the dinuclear complex reveals two penta-coordinated Cu(II) ions, which are bridged by the phenolate O atom of the ligand and by an exogenous hydroxide ion. The bridging atoms occupy equatorial positions in the coordination sphere of the metal atoms and complete the equatorial(More)
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