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This paper reports on the technique and results of 20 endoscopic diversions into the duodenum of cysts complicating chronic pancreatitis in 19 patients. The procedure, performed safely on the condition of visualization of a compression of the duodenal wall by the cyst, was successful 18 times in 17 patients. Complications occurred in four patients: two with(More)
Pancreatic juices were collected by selective reverse catherism of the chief pancreatic duct in two patients, one free from pancreatic disease and the other having a pancreas cancer. They were analysed in detail especially in order to get information on the mechanism of enzyme excretion. The variations of the digestive enzyme activities (amylase, lipase,(More)
The ultrasonographic findings in 5 patients (4 males, 1 female, mean age 70 years) presenting with mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreas are described. The lesion was located in the head and body of the pancreas in 2 cases, in the head alone in 2 others, and in the tail in one. The size ranged from 40 to 85 mm (mean 64 mm). Internal septa were seen in(More)