P. Schlepckow

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The results of clinical follow-up examinations of cement-free PM total hip replacements implanted between March 1981 and December 1985 are reported. Of 231 PM hips, 125 were re-examined. Questionnaires were completed by 58 patients who were not examined. With an average value of 15.7 points according to Merle d'Aubigné, the overall clinical results may be(More)
The study deals with 3 d-Kinematics and stability patterns according to a knee joint testing machine. During flexion the lateral femoral condyle displays near extension pure rolling, near flexion pure gliding, on the medial side this ratio is vice versa. 41 knee joint specimen provided internal-external transverse rotation during there whole range of(More)
The possibility of reconstructing a massive rotator cuff rupture with a free graft of the triceps tendon or the coracoacromial ligament was tested experimentally in an anatomical and biophysical cadaver investigation. After dissection of the rotator cuff, a section of the supraspinatus tendon was removed to simulate a defect in the cuff. In dissection of(More)
The rate of complications in 124 colectomies (105 patients) amounted to 16 %. Wound infection was the most frequent complication and occurred in 4 %. Lethality amounted to 3.2 % and anastomotic dehiscence with clinical manifestation was found in 2.4 %. The main reason for these good results seems to be the following procedure: 1. Orthograde lavage of large(More)
Die Chondropathia patellae bedarf in der Regel keiner arthroskopischen Abklärung. Daß Ausnahmen gelten müssen, soll nachfolgende Kasuistik belegen. Ein 12jähriger Junge klagte nach einem Fußballspiel über Schmerzen an der proximalen/lateralen Patellafacette. Die Beschwerden wurden zunächst als „Wachstumsschmerzen“ eingestuft. Aufgrund der schmerzbedingten(More)
Combined instabilities of the knee are usually expressed in compartmental terms. Several clinical evaluation forms result from these classification systems. We performed an experimental study on forty fresh cadaver knees to relate abnormal femorotibial motion with the corresponding structural damage. Translational forces were introduced to the testing(More)
In an experimental study the three dimensional kinematic behaviour of fourty knee joint specimen was investigated. We found a continous passive tibial rotation during flexion, so the terminus "screw home mechanism" should no longer be used. There was also an automatic adduction and medialisation movement of the tibia. We calculated the roll-gliding ratio(More)
From June 1983 to May 1985 we used pediculated, vascularized patellar tendon grafts in reconstructions of the anterior cruciate ligament. The results according to the Zarius/Rowe scoring scale are reported. In 76% of the patients the results were good and excellent two years postoperatively. From 49 replacements 4 times avulsion of the femoral bone block(More)
La plupart des auteurs insistent sur les insuffisances de l'examen manuel pour le diagnostic de la dysplasie de la hanche du nouveau-né. Dans nos cas 33,3 % des dysplasies sévères étaient sans signes cliniques. Le screening échographique selon Graf a été validé instauré de façon systématique dans notre hôpital universitaire depuis juillet 84. Parmi les 5(More)