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consequence of nonlinear gravitational processes if the initial conditions are gaussian, and is a potentially powerful signature to exploit in statistical tests of this class of models; see Fig. 1. The information needed to fully specify a non-gaussian field (or, in a wider context, the information needed to define an image 8) resides in the complete set of(More)
  • P Scherrer
  • Minimally invasive therapy & allied technologies…
  • 2003
The ventilation system is not the most important source to cause surgical site infections via the air. More important is the skin of both staff and patients. The literature did not reveal any reduction of the risk of surgical site infections resulting from the employment of ultra-clean air-systems during surgical procedures, the one exception being high(More)
A new evaluation of the constraint on the number of light neutrino species (N) from big bang nucleosynthesis suggests a discrepancy between the predicted light element abundances and those inferred from observations, unless the inferred primordial 4 He abundance has been underestimated by 0.014 0.004 (1) or less than 10% (95%C.L.) of 3 He survives stellar(More)