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Unilateral lesions in the posterior parietal cortex can degrade motion perception in the contralesional visual hemifield. Our aim was to investigate whether deficits caused by cortical lesions may be different for first- and second-order motion perception, and to study the time scale of any potential recovery. In nine patients with circumscribed lesions(More)
The color of an object, when part of a complex scene, is determined not only by its spectral reflectance but also by the colors of all other objects in the scene (von Helmholtz, 1886; Ives, 1912; Land, 1959). By taking global color information into account, the visual system is able to maintain constancy of the color appearance of the object, despite large(More)
Slow event-related potentials (ERP) were examined in healthy and aphasic subjects in two-stimulus designs comprising a word comprehension and a rhyming task. Aphasics, though selected to perform above chance level, made significantly more errors and responded more slowly than controls, although canonical correlations did not indicate a statistical(More)
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