P. Scartezzini

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The SH3BGR gene has been recently isolated and mapped to chromosome 21 within the Down syndrome (DS) congenital heart disease (CHD) minimal region. As a first step to evaluate the possible involvement of SH3BGR in CHD that affect 40% of DS patients, we have analyzed by in situ hybridization the expression pattern of the mouse homolog gene (Sh3bgr), during(More)
BACKGROUND Although cancers are characterized by the deregulation of multiple signalling pathways, most current anticancer therapies involve the modulation of a single target. Because of the enormous biological diversity of cancer, strategic combination of agents targeted against the most critical of those alterations is needed. Due to their complex nature,(More)
One of the major fallouts of the human genome project relates to the investigation of the molecular mechanisms of diseases. Identification of genes which are involved in a specific pathological process and characterization of their interactions is of fundamental importance for supporting the drug design processes. Discovery of targets and the related(More)
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