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Five cases of scrapie with unusual features have been diagnosed in Norway since 1998. The affected sheep showed neurological signs dominated by ataxia, and had the PrP genotypes homozygous A136 H154 Q171/ A136H154Q171 or heterozygous A136H154Q171/A136R154Q171, which are rarely associated with scrapie. Brain histopathology revealed neuropil vacuolisation(More)
The general objective of EXOCET/D is to develop, implement and test specific instruments aimed at exploring, describing, quantifying and monitoring biodiversity in deep-sea fragmented habitats as well as at identifying links between community structure and environmental dynamics. Inboard experimental devices will complement the approach, enabling(More)
BACKGROUND Schmallenberg virus (SBV) is an emerging Orthobunyavirus of ruminant livestock species currently circulating in Europe. SBV causes a subclinical or mild disease in adult animals but vertical transmission to pregnant dams may lead to severe malformations in the offspring. Data on the onset of clinical signs, viremia and seroconversion in(More)
Sir, Demodicosis in cattle is caused by a microscopic mite, Demodex bovis. The parasites live sometimes in large numbers in the hair follicles and associated skin glands. The disease is well described and quite common in tropical zones, but rare and most likely underestimated in temperate regions, especially in Europe (Fisher, 1973; Matthes, 1994).(More)
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